About Us

We are SKIN NOTE to bring elegant and niche beauty products across lands and seas. We provide the best matches to our customers from our carefully selected Japanese and Korean beauty products. We are willing to take time for skins, and our skin care professionals can assist you in exploring and seeking the best combinations of our elegant skin care products and routines from East Asia. We honor the uniqueness of each customer. We want to provide the finest skincare to diverse personalities. We are trying to arouse natural beauty and elegance from the inside out. We honor your inside charm and help you discover the gorgeous shine with us.



SKIN NOTE provides elegant Japanese and Korean beauty products. We are breaking the time and space limitations when purchasing international beauty products, giving our U.S. customers a more comfortable shopping experience and allowing them to try out high-end products from East Asia.


SKIN NOTE was created to help you discover world-class skincare and beauty products that simply aren't available on drugstore shelves or all of the glossy displays at cosmetics chains. While some products do have in store availability at selected locations within the United States, however, shopping all the wanted products at just one click away makes it much more easier. Every product we offer is carefully selected by our team of passionate in-house beauty experts. It all comes to you directly from our warehouse.


SKIN NOTE promises full product authenticity, excellent customer service, and reliable shipping. We're an authentic selling agent for all of the brands featured in our catalog.


SKIN NOTE 's carefully sourced and curated catalog of beauty and skincare products from Asia includes masks, moisturizers, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair treatments, body lotions, bath wash, grooming tools, supplements and so much more! We have products from the best beauty, skincare, and makeup brands in Asia in stock and ready to ship!


SKIN NOTE is developing at full speed. We are constantly refining our product categories and hope to provide a better shopping experience for all customers. We have the vision to become a comprehensive, one-stop beauty platform in the United States, giving beauty products without borders. We will provide Japanese and Korean beauty and Asian, American, and European beauty in the future.